Mental wellbeing

Managers are increasingly being expected to discuss sensitive topics around wellbeing with their teams, but does addressing mental health in the workplace feel like opening a can of worms?

Will it lead to more absences, and how on earth will our managers cope with someone opening up to them about deeply personal issues including suicidal feelings?

How do we not get too personally involved?

You’re not alone.


Improve Staff Wellbeing

56% of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but don’t feel they have the right training or guidance – Source MIND


Unaware of the Scale

At the Institute of Directors first Mental Health forum, attendees admitted they had been unaware of the scale of mental health in the workplace and the impact on business – March 2017

I understand how uncomfortable it can feel

I have first-hand experience of not only the impact of the mental health condition on the lives of individuals, their families, friends and colleagues, but the stigma and lack of understanding that can add to the burden in the workplace.

I’ve also witnessed best practice, with individuals and workplaces taking a thoughtful approach and so playing a positive and key role in supporting recovery.

I work with you

I work with you to help you identify your organisation’s mental wellbeing learning needs and If you don’t yet have a mental health and wellbeing strategy, I can help you create one!

Raising mental health and wellbeing awareness through my workshops is one of my motivators, along with guiding individuals and businesses to take small, consistent steps, to not only improve lives but create a more motivated, productive community and workplace.

Of course, mental health is a serious subject but I’m down-to-earth, like to create a relaxed environment and yes, even have fun while learning!

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