Further Training

Workshops to further embed mental wellbeing and build a mentally resilient team

Further workshopsI offer a range of interactive workshops for employees and managers, with emotional intelligence at the heart of the learning I design and deliver.  As both a team member and with some manager experience myself, I had over 20 managers with their own personality preferences and conflict styles. Some brought out the best in me, others, well, they didn’t!

To be successful in our role, maybe as a manager, or delivering great customer service, we need to develop self-awareness, and that involves challenging ourselves, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and developing compassion which can feel a stretch when we’re seeking improvement or dealing with conflict.

We live in uncertain times, and to thrive in an ever-changing world need to harness our own resources through building resilience.

By talking to me about the kinds of pressures, challenges and conflicts your organisation faces, we will create a workshop to address your needs. Here are some options:

Building Resilience to thrive – By understanding what makes us resilient, along with our values, beliefs and thinking patterns, we can proactively manage our relationship to stress, break old habits, and build on our strengths, and create a framework for wellbeing.

Conflict management – by exploring how we personally relate to conflict, as well as how our brain works, we can learn to manage it in a professional assertive way.

Communicate with impact – we look at what are the key components of communication, and how can we use them effectively.  What’s our personal style and how does this have an impact positively or negatively as a manager, particularly when delivering difficult messages and handling conflict?

Customer service excellence – Great customer service isn’t just about getting the functional basics right, it’s how you make customers feel. We’ll go on an emotional intelligence journey to upskill your front-line teams to connect in little ways and turn the challenging situations into opportunities to create loyalty

I enjoy bringing people together from both diverse backgrounds and roles or from the same teams to have the opportunity to explore challenges, not just in the workplace, but in our day-to-day lives and encourage them to take personal responsibility for what is in their control, and learn helpful attitudes and behaviours for the situations that aren’t!

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