Embedding your mental wellbeing strategy into your organisational culture

embedding mental wellbeing into your organisationNot surprisingly, there are no quick fixes when it comes to creating an open culture around mental health and wellbeing, and tick-box exercises to fulfil legal requirements or compliance issues won’t have long-lasting positive results.

Before delivering a workshop for you, we’ll have several learning needs conversations via email/over the phone and meet face-to-face so I can help you work out the right training options for your organisation.

In addition to this, why not consider doing a fuller learning needs analysis that allows us the time to understand more fully the mental wellbeing needs of your business and your people, whether on the front line or behind the scenes.

Maybe you already have a strategy and want to look at ways to embed it across the whole organisation, or you’re just starting to build a one.

As well as using any existing data you may have such as engagements surveys to identify priority areas, I will spend time with a variety of your teams, working side-by-side and conducting focus groups and hearing first hand experiences and ideas.

This might take a day, or 2-3 days depending on the size of your organisation and the depth of analysis required. A summary of findings and recommendations will be provided and discussed with you.

Together we can identify potential areas to focus on – upskilling managers, creating champions or buddies could be an obvious focus, or you might want to consider job design to enable individuals to have a sense of autonomy, or the recruitment process to hire and promote leaders who can openly promote mental health and support managers to support their teams.  And then there’s incorporating mental wellbeing into existing policies including performance management or creating a route for instigating and communicating mental wellbeing initiatives. There’s so much to explore and by engaging with your teams you have a greater chance of buy-in and a sense of inclusion.

The key is to engage with your teams to get the conversations going and begin your journey to create an open culture where wellbeing discussions are business as usual.

‘For an organisation to become truly sustainable it needs to prioritise parity of esteem between employee wellbeing alongside business and environmental targets’

Dr Saun Davis Group Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability – Royal Mail Group

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