About Emma

Emma SaccomaniI’m Emma Saccomani, and I’m on a mission to get workplaces talking about mental health, and other challenging topics. I want to equip both employees and their managers with the tools to enable teams to build resilience, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

How did I go from loyal and engaged employee of 23 years, to launching my own business, no one is more surprised than me?!

If you want to learn more, have a read about my approach and how I got there, or just get in touch and find out more about how we can work together.

My Approach


A personable, open approach to win over even the most sceptical participant


Developing workable solutions that are accessible to everyone


Equipping you mentally with the self-awareness and tools for the challenges ahead

My Journey

Naturally Drawn into Learning

Often described by teachers as inquisitive, (that’s code for asks too many questions), I was always going to be drawn into the learning field, regardless of my official job title. Some elements of my career path have felt a natural fit, I’m proud of the welcome I gave to new starters over the years, I’ve always embraced my customer service roots, and of course the design and delivery of training, whatever the setting, has been right up my street.

But some of my employee experiences (including graduate management trainee for a high street bank) were not just a stretch, they were frankly, a bit of a nightmare. Ok, so maybe I was never cut out for the banking world, but I’m not talking about a mismatch with the role itself, but the people stuff. The showstopper for me for in judging a situation as unsustainable is the relentless uncomfortable atmosphere, or being personally targeted by someone’s discontent. The kind of thing that results in that sense of anguish and dread on waking, that stays with you through the working week, invading your down time and super unhealthy in the long term.

Escape Plan

Thankfully, I have always recognised my mental wellbeing limits and made an escape plan, been able to laugh in hindsight, and added it to my learning toolkit. I don’t take that outlook for granted.

No, it certainly wasn’t bad work relations that prompted me to take the plunge away from my benefit-friendly, fulfilling role and a team I loved.

My Challenging Mental Health Situation

In fact, the workplace became my haven a number of years ago, from the challenging mental health situation I found myself in. Whether you’re enduring mental health problems yourself, or the carer, nothing can prepare you for the frightening journey of unpredictability, confusion, frustration, fear and stigma. I found that simple conversations with trusted work colleagues and my manager, really made a difference. They weren’t experts, they were just there for me if I needed to talk.

Resilience and Conflict Management

The highlight of my employee journey was having the privilege to deliver the Resilience and conflict management programme to over 100 front-line colleagues, the guys who day-in day-out dust themselves down, put on their uniform, and meet Joe public in all its glory. I’m not going to pretend a one day workshop provides a ‘magic wand’, hardly surprising there was some cynicism that this might be the naive intention. However, it was my honest approach and decision to finally embrace and share my own challenging experiences that enabled me to make a personal impact, and so encourage them to grow professionally.

We all go through times of adversity, many of us go home to a wonderful range of personality preferences and conflict styles, why shouldn’t we draw on this in our professional lives?

I felt invigorated it was time for me to broaden my influence and help make work part of the solution and not the problem!

Qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor

And so I finally waved a fond goodbye to my Eurostar family, dedicated myself to upskilling through research, meeting and learning from new contacts, qualifying as a Mental Health First Aid instructor and the icing on the cake, volunteering for the fantastic local charity Cornerhouse, proving mental health support in Woking and North West Surrey.

I’m passionate about enabling others to find a way to grow and thrive, not ‘in spite of’, but due to our challenges – we’re more capable and courageous than we might think, we just need the right guidance, emotional intelligence and tools to hand.

What next

If you think I might be able to support you or your business, get in touch.

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